ReadyRESALE Promotional 18 x 24 Poster

ReadyRESALE Promotional Poster

Measuring 18" x 24" promotional poster used at events or smaller table venues. Used in conjunction with the marketing theme of "Blast Off with ReadyRESALE" .

SONFest Summer Camp Poster

SONFest Promotional Poster

Poster to help promote the Youth Ministry's Summer Camp for the Prince of Peace Catholic Church.

Fur Circus Event Teaser Poster

Fur Circus Event Poster

Designed to be placed at schools and other locations with time & date filled in to help promote an appearance of the Fur Circus.

AHN Training Camp Event Poster 2009

AtHomeNet Training Camp 2009

Poster promotion AtHomeNet's annual training camp seminar held at the Gwinnett Center. Every year had a theme in which all promo items were built around. In 2009 the them incorporated the ideas of "Going Green" with the help of "fresh" content and ideas.

AHN Training Camp Event Poster 2008

AtHomeNet Training Camp 2008

In 2008 the event's theme was based around the Olympics thus the "Going for the Gold" All promotional items suchs as posters, handouts, name badges, etc were based around the Olympic theme and imagery including the events poster featured here.

Ripper Teaser Poster Concept

"Ripper" Play Teaser Poster Contest

Concept design for teaser poster for an college theatrical play based on the story "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". Unfortuntely the play was never produced.

AtHomeNet Promotional Poster

AtHomeNet Promotional Poster

Used at various AtHomeNet events, trades shows and conferences. Centered around attracting Management Companies to be their website provider plus their associations.